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Medical Disposable Sterile General Orthopedic Pack 1

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Medical Disposable Sterile General Orthopedic Pack 1

Medical disposable sterile general orthopedic pack is just the right size for the various purposes customers need from them
This is the description of Medical Disposable Sterile General Orthopedic Pack 1

1 Reinforced table cover, 50’’x90’’ (127cmx229cm)

1 Mayo stand cover,24’’x53‘’(61cmx135cm)

 1 Eclipse poly-reinforced gown, L, with towel in outer wrap

 1 Eclipse poly-reinforced gown, XL

1 Impervious U-drape with adhesive, 54’’x76’’ (137cmx193cm)

1 Orthopedic split drape , 77’’x108’'(196cmx274cm),6''x40''split(15cmx102cm)

4 Utility drapes with adhesive,15’’x26‘’,(38cmx66cm)

2 Top drape with adhesive,102’’x53‘’,(259cmx135cm)

1 Suture bag (paper)

1 Hand towel

1 Impervious stockinette,9''x48''(23cmx122cm)

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