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medical linear cutter trocar

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medical linear cutter trocar

2. Product composition description:
1 - Abutment seat
2 - Cutter
3 - Housing
4 - Push Button
5 - Locking rod shell
6 - Locking rod
7 - Cutting Unit Frame
8 - staple cartridge
9 - Staples
10 - Push Button

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disposable linear cutting stapler.pdf
This is the description of medical linear cutter trocar
  1. Specifications: Disposable linear cutting staplerand components are hereinafter referred to as “cutting stapler”. The cutting stapleris divided into 55, 75, and 100mm according to the effective length of sewing. According to the staple height is divided into 3.85,4.5mm.
  2.  Scope of application: Used for cutting, resection and anastomosis of digestive tract tissue;

  3. Product features:

        (1) Empty staple cartridge locking device to reduce misuse

        (2) In the same surgery, the staple cartridge can be replaced

        (3) The height of the staple cartridge and the small anastomosis gap can be adjusted according to the thickness to avoid tissue damage caused by excessive pressure.

        (4) The unique design of abutment seat groove is more conducive to staples forming and sewing

        (5) Automatic clamping of tissue makes it easier to fire with one hand;

        (6) Single use to avoid cross-infection;

        (7) Different models meet various patient needs.

    4. Product advantages:

    • Time-saving and efficient;
    • Safe and reliable;
    • Professional design;
    • Personalized customiz

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