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    We are attending MEDICA 2018 in Messe Dusseldorf this November

    We are attending MEDICA 2018 in Messe Dusseldorf this November

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    Medical device service is promising

      An interview with the reporter found that some hospital officials said that if there is a perfect after-sales service system to ensure the safe operation of equipment, the hospital is willing to purchase domestic medical equipment, domestic medical equipment in the country will have a huge market space.

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    The disadvantages of coating

    After weaving warp cloth with polypropylene or low-pressure polyethylene and processing it with a special process, a high-pressure polyethylene electrostatic film layer with a thickness of only 0.04 cm is covered on the surface and becomes a lamination film.

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    LDPE used in Back table cover of surgical packs

    Processing: LDPE level to meet most of the thermoplastic molding technology requirements. Including: film blowing, film casting, extrusion rubber, wire and plastic paste, injection molding, blow molding.

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    Surgical Gauze Dressing

    Surgical gauze dressing certificate should have the following signs:   a) the name of the production unit;   b) product name, specifications;   c) warp / weft;   d) the density/weft density; e) Production date or production lot number;   f) test date g) Inspector code.

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    part of trocar data

    features: Precision design OEM design Durable Easy to use Designed and developed from trustworthy materials, the end products offered by us are appreciated and demanded widely for their high performance.

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    Li put focus on economy,trade in trip

    Premier Li Keqiang wrapped up his three-day trip to Europe on Saturday,reaffirming Beijing's commitment to developing stable China-EU ties amid the growing global uncertainties.

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