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:EENT Ophthalmology Pack

sterile travel medical kits

Surgical Sterile Disposable Cystoscopy Pack

Cystoscopy Pack - lmpervious reinforcement,18" x 41 " (46 cm x104 cm) - Fenestration, 2-1/2" x 6" (6 cm x 15 cm) - Mesh screen, 10" x 10" (25 cm x 25 cm) -Attached leggings - Hook-and-loop line holders - Not available sterile

sterile surgical kits

Craniotomy Pack Craniotomy Drape with Pouch

Craniotomy Pack craniotomy drape with pouch Description -Absorbent reinforcement, 18”x 28" (46 cm x 71 cm) -Block incise, 11”x 8" (28 cm x 20 cm) -Attached fluid-control pouch with screen and port 27-1/2" x 29" (70 cm x 74 cm) -Hook-and-loop line holders

sterile dressing kits

Endoscopic Sample fetching bags

Endoscopic Sample fetching bags Features: (1), product design is more reasonable, flexible and transparent materials, not easily damaged; (2), good visibility, ease of intraoperative operation; (3), soft memory wire opening device can be opened bag collection bag, surgical excision placed in a collection bag disposable; (4) No device related complications occurred in all the products used;

bariatric pack

Bariatric Pack Bariatric Drape with Pouches

Bariatric Pack Bariatric drape with pouches Description -Absorbent reinforcement, 40”x 40" (102 cm x 102 cm) - 18" x 18" (46 cm x 46 cm) fenestration with adhesive -Contoured armboard covers -4 hook-and-loop line holders -Fluid-control pouches, 30" x 10-1/2" (76 cm x 27 cm)

sterile first aid travel kits

Disposable Sterile Basic Surgical drape pack

disposable sterile surgical universal pack certified With ISO13485, CE 1 Reinforced table cover, 50’’x90’’ (127cmx229cm) 1 Mayo stand cover, 24’’x53’’(61cmx135cm) 1 nonreinforced gown, L 1 nonreinforced gowns, XL 1 Suture bag (paper) 1 half drape sheet,40''x58‘’(102cmx147cm) 1 3/4 drape sheet, 53''x77''(135cmx196cm) 3/1 Hand towels 4 Utility drapes with tape,15’’x26‘’,(38cmx66cm)

sterile surgical kits

Medical Supplies Basic Drape Medical pack

Yintai Medical is a global manufacturer and distributor of medical supplies with the strength of different surgical drapes, packs and disposable stapler and trocar.

sterile eye wash kits

Sterile Disposable Surgical Arthroscopy Drape

Arthroscopy drape -Poly-backed Absorbent reinforcement:29" x 37” (74cm x 94 cm) -2-1/2"(6cm)dual circular elastic fenestrations -Fluid-control pouch,39" x 26” (99cm x 66 cm),with port -Malleable wire holder -Hook-and-loop line holders -Sterile

sterile dressing kits

Basic Universal Setup Pack Top drape Side drape Bottom drape

Basic Universal Setup Pack Top drape Side drape Bottom drape -Absorbent reinforcement: Top drape29" x 10” (74cm x 25 cm) Bottom drape29" x 16” (74cm x 41 cm) Side drape8" x 40” (20cm x 102 cm) -Adhesive along reinforced edge, -Top drape,Bottom drape Hook-and-loop line holders -Side drape, have fabric troughs4" x 40” (10cm x 102 cm) -Top drape, Sterile -Side drape,Bottom drape not available sterile

EENT Ophthalmology Pack:

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