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sterile first aid travel kits

Disposable Sterile Basic Surgical drape pack

disposable sterile surgical universal pack certified With ISO13485, CE 1 Reinforced table cover, 50’’x90’’ (127cmx229cm) 1 Mayo stand cover, 24’’x53’’(61cmx135cm) 1 nonreinforced gown, L 1 nonreinforced gowns, XL 1 Suture bag (paper) 1 half drape sheet,40''x58‘’(102cmx147cm) 1 3/4 drape sheet, 53''x77''(135cmx196cm) 3/1 Hand towels 4 Utility drapes with tape,15’’x26‘’,(38cmx66cm)

sterile dressing kits

Medical Surgical Operation Disposable Delivery Obstetrics Pack 2

Environmental-Friendly, efficient obstetrics pack/ drape 1 Reinforced table cover, 44’’x76’’ (112cmx193cm) 1 Setup cover, 40’’x70’’ (102cmx178cm) 1 Eclipse poly-reinforced gown, L, X-Long 3/1 Hand towels 1 Baby blanket, 30’’x34’’ (76cmx86cm) 1 (graduated)Under buttocks drape with cuff(fluid-collection pouch), 35’’x47’’ (89cmx119cm)/40’’x44.5’’ (102cmx113cm) 2 Leggings, 29’’x43’’ (74cmx109cm)/ 31’’x48’’ (79cmx122cm) 1 Abdominal drape with adhesive, 38’’x53’’ (97cmx135cm) 2 OB pads, 11’’ (28cm) 1 Umbilical cord clamp 1 Vaginal packing sponge, X-ray detectable, 4’’x36’’ (10cmx91cm) 1 Ear/ulcer syringe, 2 oz. 10 Gauze sponges, X-ray detectable, 4’’x4’’ (10cmx10cm) 16ply 1 Placenta basin

sterile surgical kits

Surgical product Angiography drape pack

Yintai (Suzhou) Medical offers a wide range of specifically designed single drapes and packs for all type of interventions within cardiovascular surgery. All-in-one design and integrated incision films and pouches allow for easy and efficient handling.

sterile eye wash kits

Sterile Disposable Surgical Arthroscopy Drape

Arthroscopy drape -Poly-backed Absorbent reinforcement:29" x 37” (74cm x 94 cm) -2-1/2"(6cm)dual circular elastic fenestrations -Fluid-control pouch,39" x 26” (99cm x 66 cm),with port -Malleable wire holder -Hook-and-loop line holders -Sterile

sterile dressing kits

Basic Universal Setup Pack Top drape Side drape Bottom drape

Basic Universal Setup Pack Top drape Side drape Bottom drape -Absorbent reinforcement: Top drape29" x 10” (74cm x 25 cm) Bottom drape29" x 16” (74cm x 41 cm) Side drape8" x 40” (20cm x 102 cm) -Adhesive along reinforced edge, -Top drape,Bottom drape Hook-and-loop line holders -Side drape, have fabric troughs4" x 40” (10cm x 102 cm) -Top drape, Sterile -Side drape,Bottom drape not available sterile

sterile medical kits

Cardiovascular Pack AICD/PACEMAKER drape

Cardiovascular Pack AICD/PACEMAKER drape Description - Block incise 15" x 23" (38 cm x 58 cm) Three built-in troughs surrounding incise -Absorbent reinforcement -Instrument pad, 10”x18" (25 cm x 46 cm) -Contoured armboard covers - Hook-and-loop line holders 1Clear corner window, 27-1/2" x 64" (70 cm x 163 cm)

Cesarean Pack C-SECTION Drape with Pouch

Cesarean Pack C-SECTION Drape with Pouch

Cesarean Pack C-SECTION drape with pouch Description -Absorbent reinforcement, 20”x 15" (51 cm x 38 cm) - Block incise, 15" x 13" (38 cm x 33 cm) 360°Fluid-control pouch,38" x 28" (97 cm x 71 cm) with formers and contoured armboard covers -Hook-and-loop line holders

sterile travel medical kits

Surgical Sterile Disposable Cystoscopy Pack

Cystoscopy Pack - lmpervious reinforcement,18" x 41 " (46 cm x104 cm) - Fenestration, 2-1/2" x 6" (6 cm x 15 cm) - Mesh screen, 10" x 10" (25 cm x 25 cm) -Attached leggings - Hook-and-loop line holders - Not available sterile

medical drapes:

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