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sterile first aid travel kits

Disposable Sterile Basic Surgical drape pack

disposable sterile surgical universal pack certified With ISO13485, CE 1 Reinforced table cover, 50’’x90’’ (127cmx229cm) 1 Mayo stand cover, 24’’x53’’(61cmx135cm) 1 nonreinforced gown, L 1 nonreinforced gowns, XL 1 Suture bag (paper) 1 half drape sheet,40''x58‘’(102cmx147cm) 1 3/4 drape sheet, 53''x77''(135cmx196cm) 3/1 Hand towels 4 Utility drapes with tape,15’’x26‘’,(38cmx66cm)

sterile dressing kits

Medical Surgical Operation Disposable Delivery Obstetrics Pack 2

Environmental-Friendly, efficient obstetrics pack/ drape 1 Reinforced table cover, 44’’x76’’ (112cmx193cm) 1 Setup cover, 40’’x70’’ (102cmx178cm) 1 Eclipse poly-reinforced gown, L, X-Long 3/1 Hand towels 1 Baby blanket, 30’’x34’’ (76cmx86cm) 1 (graduated)Under buttocks drape with cuff(fluid-collection pouch), 35’’x47’’ (89cmx119cm)/40’’x44.5’’ (102cmx113cm) 2 Leggings, 29’’x43’’ (74cmx109cm)/ 31’’x48’’ (79cmx122cm) 1 Abdominal drape with adhesive, 38’’x53’’ (97cmx135cm) 2 OB pads, 11’’ (28cm) 1 Umbilical cord clamp 1 Vaginal packing sponge, X-ray detectable, 4’’x36’’ (10cmx91cm) 1 Ear/ulcer syringe, 2 oz. 10 Gauze sponges, X-ray detectable, 4’’x4’’ (10cmx10cm) 16ply 1 Placenta basin

sterile surgical kits

Surgical product Angiography drape pack

Yintai (Suzhou) Medical offers a wide range of specifically designed single drapes and packs for all type of interventions within cardiovascular surgery. All-in-one design and integrated incision films and pouches allow for easy and efficient handling.

sterile medical kits disposable sterilized surgical intervention kits

sterile medical kits disposable sterilized surgical intervention kits

Product description: equipment table cloth, medium size drape, disposable surgical drape, self-adhesive drape, hole drape, eye drape, instrument tray cover, disposable surgical gown, disposable medical surgical glove, head cover, lead screen cover, gauze block , gauze pad (abdomen pad), disposable plastic handle surgical knife, disposable oval clamp, plastic measuring cup, plastic bowl, medical tray (curved plate, square plate), plastic basin, paper towel, dirt bag, leg Covers, elastic bandages, medical swabs, medical cotton balls, plastic tweezers, sponge brushes, non-woven tapes, disposable masks, disposable hats.

sterile eye wash kits

Sterile Disposable Surgical Arthroscopy Drape

Arthroscopy drape -Poly-backed Absorbent reinforcement:29" x 37” (74cm x 94 cm) -2-1/2"(6cm)dual circular elastic fenestrations -Fluid-control pouch,39" x 26” (99cm x 66 cm),with port -Malleable wire holder -Hook-and-loop line holders -Sterile

sterile dressing kits

Basic Universal Setup Pack Top drape Side drape Bottom drape

Basic Universal Setup Pack Top drape Side drape Bottom drape -Absorbent reinforcement: Top drape29" x 10” (74cm x 25 cm) Bottom drape29" x 16” (74cm x 41 cm) Side drape8" x 40” (20cm x 102 cm) -Adhesive along reinforced edge, -Top drape,Bottom drape Hook-and-loop line holders -Side drape, have fabric troughs4" x 40” (10cm x 102 cm) -Top drape, Sterile -Side drape,Bottom drape not available sterile

sterile medical kits

Cardiovascular Pack AICD/PACEMAKER drape

Cardiovascular Pack AICD/PACEMAKER drape Description - Block incise 15" x 23" (38 cm x 58 cm) Three built-in troughs surrounding incise -Absorbent reinforcement -Instrument pad, 10”x18" (25 cm x 46 cm) -Contoured armboard covers - Hook-and-loop line holders 1Clear corner window, 27-1/2" x 64" (70 cm x 163 cm)

Cesarean Pack C-SECTION Drape with Pouch

Cesarean Pack C-SECTION Drape with Pouch

Cesarean Pack C-SECTION drape with pouch Description -Absorbent reinforcement, 20”x 15" (51 cm x 38 cm) - Block incise, 15" x 13" (38 cm x 33 cm) 360°Fluid-control pouch,38" x 28" (97 cm x 71 cm) with formers and contoured armboard covers -Hook-and-loop line holders

sterile drapes:

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